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123Movies is the best place where you can watch all your favorite movies and tv shows online for free in Full HD quality without registration or advertising. This website is one of the most popular in the world at this moment and it’s visited by millions of people from all around the world every month.

In the following words we’ll tell you about this free streaming platform, all you need to know and which are the most important reasons why you should choose this website to watch your media content day by day.

How 123Movies Started

Even if this website is visited by so many people, the majority of them don’t know almost anything about the site and how it works or it’s history. 123Movies has now more than a decade of activity in the online streaming industry and we are not going to stop soon. We are a team very passionate of movies and also web design so a streaming site was the best project that we could create.

Our target is to offer free movies to people from all around the world who can’t afford or don’t want to pay an expensive subscription on Netflix or other paid streaming platforms every month while they can watch all the movies and shows online for free on sites like 123Movies.

The beginning, more than 10 years ago, was pretty rough because we had to learn a lot of things about how the industry of online streaming works but in year one or two we started to really master this work and we did our job almost perfectly in our opinion. That’s how 123Movies eventually grew and became one of the most visited free streaming sites in the world where millions of visitors choose to watch their favorite movies.

Reasons To Watch Movies And TV Shows On 123Movies

We are not really trying to convince you to use only 123Movies, but there are thousands of free streaming websites and it’s difficult for the visitors to choose a good website and don’t waste time on crappy platforms. Below, we’ve made a list with 3 of the most important advantages of using 123Movies instead of other websites.

All the presented facts are totally true and you can check them out by yourself if you take a look on the website, you don’t have to believe us. There won’t be any perfect free TV streaming sites and not even the giants like Netflix are perfect, but we are sure that 123Movies is at least a good website and it serve its purpose.

  • The most trusted website. 123Movies has been mentioned many times in different articles with top streaming sites and it was voted by multiple publishers as being the most trusted and safe streaming website. We are doing everything to make sure that our visitors can have the best experience while watching movies on our platform and we are not going to expose the visitors to any risk. We strongly check all the files from 123Movies periodically to make sure everything is secure and the website is safe to use.
  • Huge collection of movies. We have worked hard for many years in order to achieve an impressive amount of movies and tv series. So, 123Movies is now the host of more than 15.000 movies and 70.000 episodes from 2500 tv series. This is one of the biggest primewire site databases of movies and shows that you’ll ever find on a free streaming site and we’ve built it to make sure that everybody can find their favorite content on our site.
  • Only high quality video files. The quality of the movies that we publish on the website is our main priority here. We are never neglecting the quality because is 2022 and nobody wants to watch low quality films anymore. We are working with high quality video players that makes us able to stream movies and shows in Full HD 1080p resolution so you won’t have any problems if you watch movies on high dimension screens like TVs or computer monitor because the quality is really great.

Support 123Movies Website

We are a completely free streaming website and we are never going to ask our visitors for money or anything in return of our streaming services. The movies are our passion and we will keep working on this website for as long as possible and we are supporting the maintenance costs from our own funds.

If you like to watch movies and tv shows on 123Movies and enjoy all your favorite content in this place, please consider to bookmark the website so you can access it faster next time without searching for it on Google because the search results might change in time. Also, share 123Movies on your social media pages so more people will find out about it and maybe they will start watching movies on our website, this would really make us happy.

We keep this page updated time to time, last update was on: March 3, 2022.